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Edward Allen (1879-1910): farmer

Birth: March 4, 1877 in Detroit, Michigan, USA
Death: February 1, 1910 in Redford, Michigan, USA

Inscription: Aged 30 Yrs. 10 M's. & 18 Ds

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baltus Coon (1789-1863)

Detroit Free Press, April 13, 1860

 Detroit Free Press, March 17, 1860

Detroit Free Press, May 30, 1860

According to this genealogy page Baltus and his wife Margaret owned quite a bit of land in Redford. Their farm was in the southeast corner of where Burt Road met the Marquette Railroad.

The above notices of Chancery Sales have to do with equity (in these cases property) disputes though I'm not sure exactly how something like that played out in 19th century chancery courts or modern courts of today. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Gracie A. Shear (1898-1898)

Birth: September 1898
Death: December 1898

Inscription: DAU OF

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Helen Wixson (1910-1910)


Birth certificate states July 23, 1910 and not 1909 as both DOB and DOD.


William W. Wixon (1870-1944); father
Lulu Herrick Wixson (1876-1965); mother

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Ansel B. Pierce (1835-1905): teacher, farmer, beekeeper, civil servant; Charlotte E. Watch Pierce (1851-1912)

Ansel B. Pierce 

from the Pierce Genealogy by Frederick Clifton Pierce

Detroit Free Press, April 4, 1883

Birth: December 5, 1835 in New York, USA
Death: April 5, 1905 in Redford, Michigan, USA

Charlotte E. Watch Pierce 

Birth: February 9, 1851 in Michigan, USA
Death: May 1, 1912 in Redford, Michigan, USA


The Michigan, Deaths and Burials, 1800-1995 abstract for Ansel says that his parents were Arbemas Poerce [sic] and Celinda Carter. Poerce very likely is a misspelling.

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Phineas Herrick (1832-1898), Martha Herrick (1838-1925), Elida A. Herrick (1869-1938)

Phineas Herrick

Detroit Free Press, June 3, 1898

Birth: January 8, 1832 in New York
Death: June, 1898 in Livonia, Michigan, USA


According to the 1880 United States Census abstract he was living in Livonia, Michigan, USA with wife Martha and daughters Abida (Elida?) and Lulu.

On Phineas's death certificate record at he is erroneously mis-named "Themas".

Martha Herrick 

Birth: February 22, 1838 in Pennsylvania
Death: July 7, 1925


The 1900 United States Census abstract shows that Martha was living with daughter Lulu Herrick Wixson, her husband and other family memebers.

The 1910 United States Census abstract shows that Martha and daughter Elida were living with another daughter Lulu Herrick Wixson, her husband and their children.

Elida A. Herrick 

Birth: January 31, 1859 in Pennsylvania
Death: December 19, 1938


The Michigan, Marriages, 1822-1995 index shows that she married Charles J. Myers on February 21, 1883.

The 1900 United States Census shows that she was living in Bay City, Michigan, USA, was widowed, head of the household and a dressmaker.

Elida signed her father's death certificate and listed her address as Eloise, Michigan. Since there was housing on site for staff members it's possible that she was working there and not a ward of the facility.

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August Hirschlieb (1842-1909): farmer, Wilhemine Hirschlieb (1843-1907)

August Hirschlieb

Detroit Free Press, February 16, 1909

The Farmington Enterprise, February 19, 1909

Birth: July 25, 1842 in Germany
Death: February 15, 1909 in Detroit, Michigan, USA
Residence: 794 Seventeenth Street

Wilhelmine Hirschlieb

Birth: August 26, 1843 in Germany
Death: July 16, 1907 in Redford, Michigan, USA


According to daughter Emma's birth record from 1874 (recorded on June 14, 1875) the family was residing on 16th Street in Detroit's 9th Ward.

Wilhelmine's death certificate is listed under Wellanudo Hirschliebe and August's is listed under the surname Hirschliel on

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Evi J. French (1837-1866): soldier

Michigan Civil War Volunteer Registries

Birth: January 10, 1837
Death August 12, 1866

Inscription: A Member of Co. H 24 Mich Vols In
He sleeps his last sleep
He has fought his last battle?

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Warren Chilson (1865-1866)

Birth: October 8, 1865
Death: September 3, 1866

Inscription: Our little Warren
Son of Avery & Maria Chilson

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Frederick Vienot (1840-1927), Salome Vienot (1840-1920), Frederick Vienot Jr. (1871-1920), Emma Vienot (1883-1956)

Frederick Vienot

Birth: 1840
Death: 1927

Salome Vienot

Birth: July 12, 1840 in France
Death: October 19, 1920 in Dearborn Township, Michigan, USA

Frederick Vienot, Jr.

Birth: February 10, 1871 in Redford, MI, USA
Death: February 29, 1920 in Dearborn Township, Michigan, USA

Emma Vienot

Birth: 1883
Death: 1956

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Elvira Gladys Postif (1908-1909)

Birth: August 13, 1908
Death: January 4, 1909

Inscription: Dau. of G. & A. Postif
Safe in the arms of Jesus.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Charles F. Joyce (1816-1888)

Birth: October 20, 1816 in New Jersey
Death: March 15, 1888

Inscription: Aged 71 Yr's. 4 Mo's. 25 D's
Sleep In Jesus Blessed Sleep

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David G. Geney (Genney) (1842-1909): soldier, janitor

Michigan Civil War Volunteer Regestries

Detroit Free Press, October 5, 1907

Detroit Free Press, September 21, 1864

Birth: February 12, 1842 in Paris, France
Death: October 3, 1907 in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Inscription: Sgt. Co. E
7 Mich. Cav.